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Middle School CTE Elective Course Descriptions

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Coding 1

Coding - This elective teaches computer programming skills using a variety of software programs which will include basic block coding, HTML and Mobile Application development. Projects include creating a web page using HTML, interactive mobile apps, and animated gaming projects.

Coding 2

Available only for students entering 8th grade. Expands on the knowledge and skills learned in level 1, while getting more in depth with text-based coding to prepare for more advanced courses in programming. Students must have passed coding 1 with a 75 or higher.



This elective will cover the key elements of entrepreneurship including researching the character traits one must possess to become a successful entrepreneur, researching and creating all aspects of a business plan, marketing the business or product using social media, websites, and other means, and applying learned mathematical skills necessary for financial planning (both in your personal life and for your business).  We will also examine the intellectual property protections one has as a designer / business owner.

Robotics 1

This class will include an introduction to basic robotics which will include simple machines, circuity, and programming. Students will look at the impact of robots on society. Students will code and build LEGO Spike Prime robots to solve problems, and complete missions. Students will go through the design thinking process with all tasks and projects. 

Robotics 2

Robotics II - The course will focus on expanding concepts from Robotics I. Students will learn improved sensor functions, variables, creating My Blocks, and more difficult robot challenges. Students will use an engineering notebook to track their project. Students will be encouraged to use Robots as tools for problem solving various real world tasks.


This elective will introduce students to the fundamentals of Engineering Design. The students will utilize the engineering design loop while focusing on problem solving and design. The students focus on simple machines, 3D modeling and printing, aviation, and more.

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