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The Academy of Law and Business gives students the opportunity to pursue classes of interest while they are in high school. The EHTHS students has the unique opportunity to participate in this community where they have access to experienced teachers who deliver instruction in the fields that they are passionate about.  The academy gives students the opportunities to determine if the Law and Business fields are avenues that they wish to pursue while they are in high school, rather than waiting until they enter college.


Co-Curricular Activities

ALAB students have the opportunity to participate in the Future Business Leaders of America organization, which gives them the opportunity to further develop their skills in all aspects of Business management and operations. The students compete at the local, state, and national level each year.  ALAB students also have the opportunity to participate in Mock Trial. This co-curricular activity gives the students an opportunity to take on different roles in the judiciary process that may be of interest to them.  The students participate in many other law-related opportunities throughout the school year to enhance their legal interest including lunch with a lawyer, the one-judge-one school program, and relevant field trips and visitations.


Mon - Thur 7am-6pm

Weekends 9am-8pm

ALAB Teachers


The Academy of Law and Business teachers are certified professionals who specialize in their content areas, some of who have worked in professional industry in the areas that they teach.  

Business:                               Law:

Jerald Bryant

Eileen Duff                             Joe Cottrell
Bryan Jones                           Alene Hartman

John Ohlsen                          Scott Migliore


Senior Experience


During the fourth year of the academy, ALAB seniors are given the opportunity to participate in a senior experience with local businesses, judicial agencies, or law offices in the community.  This internship/job shadow experience gives the students an opportunity to gain additional experience as they learn from and shadow professionals in their fields of interest.

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